Why Favourite your choice ?

Decisive Practices, Corporate ethos, Success metrics

Favourite Cashews put up special efforts to procure raw cashews from the rich Karnataka and other Western Ghats belts and other Countries which are inheriting with nature as known for pure natural cashews with vicinities surrounding around. These cashews are quite natural and organic also as per the natural soil fertilities and do not have any inorganic supplements by nature. Therefore Cashews are pure healthy and also natural and tasty.

We are committed to quality with perfections to global environments. Our infrastructure set up which is certified with Food and Safety Management System with certification HACCP ISO 22000:2005 as Manufacturing, Processing, and Export of Cashew nuts. With the certification of Quality Management System standard ISO 9001:2015, we follow the procedures of corporate governance and business ethics.

Decisive work ethics with positive corporate ethos is our strong element for the success of business metrics. With powerful and constructive management principles, we are able to prove our corporate ethical working environment with a positive attitude towards our goals. As the Cashews industry is labor-oriented, we are committed to contributing to the welfare of our workers and also society at large. We, at Favourite Cashews also believe in being environment-friendly and ensure as much as possible that our operations do not have any adverse effect on the environment.