Grades & Specifications

Specification of Cashew Kernels are with respect to Indian and international standards. We offer the following below grades:

White Wholes
W180 | W210 | W240 | W320 | W450

Scorched Wholes
SW | SW180 | SW210 | SW240 | SW320 | SW400 | SW450

Dessert Wholes
SSW (Scorched wholes seconds) DW (Dessert wholes)

White pieces
B (Butts) | S (Splits) | LWP (Large white pieces) | SWP (Small white pieces) | BB (Baby Bits)

Scorched small pieces
SB (Scorched butts) SS (Scorched splits) SP (Scorched pieces) SSP (Scorched small pieces)

Dessert pieces
SPS (Scorched pieces seconds) DP (Dessert pieces)