Stage 1


Raw cashew nuts are properly dried in order to remove excess moisture. These raw nuts are usually kept in the open yard and are dried in sun for 2/3 days. The nuts are rolled over on a regular basis in order to ensure both sides dry. After this procedure is over, the dried cashew nut is collected and thereafter packed in bags for the purpose of long storage. Favourite Cashews is one of the popular cashews processing services providers, which follows the same procedure for drying the cashew nuts.

Stage 2


The second stage of processing is Roasting, Here; we heat the cashews with high pressure/temperature steam. The roasting time depends upon the characteristic of raw cashew nuts.

Stage 3


Raw cashew nut has a unique kidney shape. Moreover, the outer shell of raw cashew nut is very hard to crack. The shell contains a liquid called CNSL, which can be very dangerous if not properly handled. We use specially designed automated machines to cut raw cashew nuts. The raw cashews are carefully cut to ensure that, there are minimum broken.

Stage 4


In this stage, cashew kernels are heated to 80-90 degree centigrade. The main purpose of this heating is to eliminate moisture and gumming between cashew kernels and adhering test. We use a specially designed chamber to heat the cashews so that, the temperate control can be attained accurately.

Stage 5


Cashew Kernels are blanched using a small knife. The adhering testa (husk) is carefully removed ensuring minimum damage to the cashew kernels. Due to the unique shape of the cashews, the process is mostly manual.